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  1. For non-urgent medical conditions, visit a clinic to avoid long wait times.
  2. Before you go, always call the facility to check if you need an appointment.
  3. Contact Morcare at 416-216-5735 / 1-888-985-1552 to connect to Intrepid 24/7 to facilitate your access to a provider
  4. Bring your wallet card, claim form and student ID to avoid paying up front once Intrepid 24/7 sets up your visit.
    • NOTE - Coverage is up to benefit maximum. Other fees or costs may apply to you.
  5. For a medical emergency, contact Emergency Assistance.
  6. If your condition is life threatening, visit a hospital Emergency Room or call 9-1-1.

Where do I find these?

Important: The providers listed here may charge fees that are above the benefit limits covered under your policy. You may only receive partial reimbursement for a visit to these providers.